AIR CONDITIONER Split portable Argo Ulisse 13 WIFI ECO inverter - cold only - with mobile outdoor unit power 13,500 BTU

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- DC Inverter floor air conditioner, cooling only
- New soft touch remote control with advanced features, 24 h digital timer, night program, ignition as air conditioner, dehumidifier or ventilation only, digital temperature control and control of room temperature thanks to the sensor placed in the remote control
- NEW: Possibility of controlling it from outside the house thanks to the App and WIFI functionality
- Only 24 cm depth for fixed or portable floor installation
- Small case condenser, specifically designed to be placed at window or balcony (wall mounting bracket must new be purchased separately)
-Double temperature sensor (in the remote control and in the unit)-\"I Feel\" function and Dry-Tre speed manual function from remote control and automatic variable speed in automatic mode thanks to the DC Inverter motor, makes possible the installation also near two lateral walls- AeroQuip quick couplings to quickly connect and disconnect the two parts in case of fixed installation-Adjustable air flow to ensure the best diffusion of fresh air in the room-Washable Air Filters-Auto-restart after black out-Electronic protection against overpressure-High efficiency twin rotary compressor-Accessories for outdoor unit installation-Kit 2 and 4 m extensions optional TECHNICAL DATA ARGO ULISSE ECO Cooling seasonal energy consumption kWh/annum 247 Sound power level UI max. dB(A) 55 EU sound power level dB(A) 62 Low-medium-high-car ventilation speed UI max (2 metres) dB(A) 37 UI med sound pressure level (2 metres) dB(A) 36 Outdoor case sound pressure level max (4 metres) dB(A) 42 Min. unit sound pressure level (2 metres) dB(A) 34 Max. power consumption kW 1.4 Max. peak power consumption A 7.6 Energy class - cooling A Seasonal cooling efficiency 5.2 Cooling power (air conditioning) Design) kW 3.7 Power supply V/Ph/Hz 220-240/1/50 Made in ITALY Refrigerant type R32 GWP refrigerant KG CO2 EQ. 675 Standard refrigerant charge T CO2 EQ. 0.506 Refrigerant charge - standard pipe kg 0.75 Refrigerant charge - with extension 2 m kg 0.785 Refrigerant charge - with extension 4 m kg 0.82 Compressor type ROTARY Max. pipe length with standard charge M 2 Max. pipe length m 2/4 Max. pipe length UI/EU (EU above) m 1.2 Max. pipe length UI/EU (EU above) m 5.2 Max. dehumidification l/h 1.9 Height of unit mm 790 Width of unit mm 580 Depth of unit mm 245 Net weight of unit kg 40 Height of external case mm 490 Width of external case mm 525 Depth of external case mm 250 Net weight of external case kg 15 Degradation coefficient in cooling 0.25 Global warming potential KG CO2 EQ. 675 Internal air flow rate m3/h 400 External air flow rate m3/h 1185

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